Website Ligne de Vérité

Publishing House



The client

The team behind this site is the same team behind NPO Lignes sur Ligne. Their association is becoming more extensive as it is now touching the publishing side of the business. A dynamic team is behind all their projects and goals.

The goal

The main goal was to have a site that would allow people to access the book in PDF format, but also to get any kind of book format directly at home. So he wanted a way that would allow them to ship their book easily and quickly.



After the request by the association of a publishing house, they are satisfied with their site and can now send their books anywhere in the world. It is easy to use and complete for all those who want good quality books.

The shop

The store is simplified for everyone to use. At the moment, the site does not contain much content, but as time goes on, it will grow and have various improvements.

The Authors

The author page contains all the books listed by author. It specifically contains a biography of each author on the site. The team wanted to have this specificity on the site, since the authors are historians or important personalities for the organization.

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