Website Lignes sur Ligne

Christian NPO



The client

Lignes sur Ligne, offers different services to the Christian people, as well as to the non-christian people. With videos, articles on various subjects and many other things, they allow all those who wish to contribute to the good of the people.

The goal

The team of the association wanted a website for their Christian ministry that would allow everyone to benefit from the services offered. The team wanted different pages to inform about the services offered by the association, a professional and welcoming look, and one or more payment platforms so that people can transfer donations as they wish.



The result was the one expected by the team. A site with colors representing them, with a professional and charitable look. The most important point was the simplicity of using the site while having a descriptive site of their content. I think we can say mission accomplished!


The team wanted a page that listed their important events throughout the weeks. With this page, everyone can be aware of what will be happening each week with the association.


This page contains a link that will allow everyone to donate the desired amount by quoting the purpose of the donation. The Yapla platform is used to enable, facilitate and automate the payment process, but also to follow up.

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